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Ray Como



Ray Como has been within the household purchasing enterprise for 25 many years.  He is known as the “House Getting King”.  Ray Como’s great friend converted every one of the tapes in all of his programs and presents a complete sale of “The Finest of Ray Como”.  Como also authored “The Extensive House-Buying Sorts Book” Ray Como delivers a tutorial to buying distressed property inside a step-by-step manner.  He gives you his “cookie-cutter” formula for shopping for homes cheap, safely and with minimal threat or recourse. In his resources Ray gives you to teach you from his individual encounter the best way to current market yourself so sellers will call you, sample advertisements, flyers, newspaper ads, etc, how you can negotiate like a pro, how you can evaluate and make discounts in excess of the phone before wanting at qualities, tips on how to meet, negotiate and indicator the paperwork together with the seller in man or woman, how to get sellers to provide you earnest revenue and exactly how to obtain vendors to carry the funding without the need of interest. Ray Como is from Pittsburgh, PA and is doing organization for more than twenty years.  He has had numerous ups and downs in this time but teaches people today how you can stay clear of the very same errors he has created in property investing. Ray Como is listed on many websites and plenty of are listed as sales sites for real estate traders.  Among Ray Como’s products are “Transaction Engineering”, “Mastermind Script Book”, “How to negotiate the Buy/Sell Agreement”, “The Detailed Property Obtaining Kinds Book” and his “Boot Camp XXV Live”. On his website Como introduces you to your 5 pre-steps and 12 methods to household purchasing.  He also offers a message board for questions and answers.  Ray Como’s materials can be found in publication and CD format. His site also provides a documents section, picture section along with a message board. Though a few of the data is difficult to locate quite a few supporters supply his resources on their very own sites.

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